iCandy Turns Your Smartphone Into a Weapon of Mass Distraction

There are a number of products out there that make child photography more child friendly by distracting the kid with colorful or disorienting objects. The newest member in this space is iCandy, a DSLR mount that turns your smartphone into a tool that makes your camera more appealing to youngins. For the low price of $99 (yup, it’s kinda pricey), you can elicit smiles and other expressions by displaying photos and videos on your phone as you snap away at infant faces. The creator is currently raising funds for manufacturing through Kickstarter, and a $70 contribution will preorder you an iCandy.

iCandy (via Petrucci Francesco)

  • will hall

    couldnt a cold shoe mount work just as well and keep the tripod mount free?

  • Stephan Zielinski

    Shush.  Kickstarter!  Kickstarter!  It’s cool because Kickstarter!

  • will hall

    Also, seems unwise to invite greasy kiddy fingers two inches below your lens

  • jdm8

    The Kickstarter suggests using it as a way to give the subject instant feedback, but I don’t understand how.  Is there a way to get the iPhone to accept video input from a camera?

  • 9inchnail

    There are apps for that for android (DSLR Remote) so I bet, there are similar apps for iOS.
    The idea is not that bad. Anyone ever photographed kids? They ask to see every single photo you take which can get annoying. This way, they can see it right away and you can keep shooting.
    Problem might be that they won’t be looking into the camera any more. The phone is just a couple of inches below the lens but you should still notice.

  • Craig

    Agreed. Cold shoe mount and a Glif and you’re there. 

  • lordofthefobs

    I bought hot shoe to tripod mount adapter and glif and it works very well. I mainly use it to record video and take picture at the same time, but you could use it for this purpose as well. Although the advantage of this rig is that your hot shoe is now free.. but it looks like it uses tripod mount so… you lose something either way. 

  • Photo_Guy18

    The information provided on Kickstarter says that you can still use a tripod.  I know when I photograph children I pretty much always use a flash, and NEVER use a tripod.  There are a lot of potential uses for this.  I like the idea.