Real Time Skateboarders Blended into Time-Lapse Footage

Upon first glance, Open Horizon by photographer and filmmaker Russell Houghten might look like a pretty ordinary video that shows time-lapse footage mixed with skateboarding videos. Take a closer look, however, and you start to realize somethings not quite right: the world is whizzing by as the skateboarders do their tricks. Houghten spend a great deal of time and effort rotoscoping his skateboarding scenes to show the skateboarders skating in real time while the world around them passes in time-lapse.

(via Fstoppers)

  • OSAM

    Interesting technique, and it’s well done, but the video as a whole is strange.  There’s no unity in subject matter: skateboarder, a desert, another desert, a city scene, a forest, a skateboarder, marsh, a city scene, desert…

  • Brianzeta

    Video did not live up to promise of description.  The time lapse was not well integrated into the shots.  Someone should of been grinding the pipe with the traffic zipping by, or something like that.   

  • Texel

    It started well, with skateboarders well integrated in time-lapse but the second half is too much skateboarders and too little of time-lapse. Inconsistent.

  • Mark Hubbard

    Man, you guys should post your work instead of putting this fine work down. Excellent work!

  • OSAM

    Dont know if you read my post at all: the work is good, its just disjointed and messy as a whole. Each segment is actually pretty good on their own, but together they don’t work.

  • Anthony

    This wasn’t made to be a standalone timelapse video, it’s from a skateboarding video where different skateboard filmmakers had different parts. The theme of this video IS skateboarding, and it’s typical to have more skating at the faster parts of the song.

  • daniel

    its so funny to hear from non-skaters about this video. from a skaters perspective, this video is insanely well put together. bravo to Russell.

  • Zach

    Yeah, most of you do not understand skateboarding videos. 

  • OSAM

    Then I guess skateboarding videos don’t make sense. 

  • Trom

    I’m actually exploring blending time lapse video and high speed video. Its not easy. Russel did a good job.