Instagram Snap: A New Way to Create and Share Your Photos IRL

Here’s a tongue-in-cheek “leaked advertisement” for Instagram’s new camera: the Instagram Snap. The camera is sure to become a hit among hipsters.

  • Tom Carter

    So funny yet depressingly true! Instagram photographer = Fauxtographer

  • Adam Cross

    what’s the difference between using a normal digital camera and an iphone? they’re both the same thing except one happens to be a phone – all of this “fauxtographer” crap is annoying. iphoneography is to photography like polaroid/land cameras were to photography back in the 1940’s – just a happy instant and affordable way for the regular joe to enjoy photography. no need to call people fake photographers – as long as people are shooting photos I really don’t care how they’re doing it.

  • Hadi Hisham

    true enough… it’s just a tool…