Surreal 360-Degree Panoramas Created by Stitching Hundreds of Photos

Photographer Randy Scott Slavin creates spherical panoramic photographs of various cityscapes and landscapes. He makes the surreal images by shooting hundreds of photographs of a scene and then stitching them together into a stereographic projection. He calls the work Alternate Perspectives. Slavin writes,

The photographing of the images is the actually least time consuming part of the process. What takes the longest is finding the places that are worthy of shooting and getting to the spot that’s best to shoot them from. You can’t light landscapes so it’s important to figure out what the best time of day is to take a photograph. Sometimes this means long hours of waiting and watching.

Randy Scott Slavin – Alternate Perspective Photography (via My Modern Met)

Image credits: Photographs by Randy Scott Slavin and used with permission

  • Chris Lyn

    Those are awesome.

  • ginny

    this feels like being in a si fi movie scene

  • dozierc

    Love the fish eye lens.  Those photos are amazing. 

  • Richard Bentley

    Very cool!

  • Conor

    great innovation

  • webrotate360

    Impressive indeed. Just the other day saw an image done like these but in time-lapse also, so you would see the scene through day and night with starts, etc all on the same image… was pretty cool.