Kodak PixPro SP360 4K: A 360-Degree Action Camera

JK Imaging has announced the latest in their series of Kodak-brand action cameras. The new PixPro SP360 4K is a 12MP action camera with the ability to take 360-degree spherical images or 4K HD video up to 2028x2028 at 50fps. Positioned as a successor to the original SP360, the SP360 4K is promising to deliver higher resolution video and a 720p 120fps slow-motion capture mode.

Ricoh Theta S: A New 360° Spherical Camera With Live Streaming

Ricoh has announced the new Theta S, the latest in the company’s lineup of 360-degree cameras. The Theta S features two 12 MP sensors that interpolate with each other to output high-resolution 14.4 MP spherical still images or full 1080p HD video at 30fps. The device is also capable of streaming live video via its built-in USB or HDMI port and is compatible with Google’s Street View technology.

Roundme Offers Virtual Tours of The World Through 360-Degree Photos

We are on the fringe of widespread virtual reality that can truly captivate our minds and take us places we've only dreamt about. Services such as Roundme continue to bring these worlds a step closer every day. By utilizing a network of 360-degree imagery and a platform designed for professionals, advanced virtual tours are only a tap away.

Little Planet Photos That Feature Rocket Launches, Air Shows, and Mars

Estonian photographer Andrew Bodrov of 360Pano has been shooting panoramic photographs for over a decade in countries around the world. His work even spans planets: last year he released an interactive panorama created using photos shot on Mars.

One of his interesting side projects is his Little Planets series, which features stereographic projections created using some pretty interesting source panoramas.

360° Degree Camera Inspired by the Eye of the Fly

The folks over at École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne in Switzerland have created a camera modeled after a fly's eye that provides a 360° view of the world. Packed with the 100 small cameras, what the camera captures is combined on a computer to provide a single 3D view of the world.