Stunning Time-Lapse Portrait of Portland Created with 300,000+ Photos

This inspiring time-lapse video of Portland, Oregon was created by Uncage the Soul over the course of 51 days in March and April for the TEDx Portland conference. They captured 308,829 separate photographs at 50 different locations in and around the city. Each second in the video took an average of 3.8 hours of work to create. Their hard work paid off, and the film was given a standing ovation by the sellout crowd when it premiered.

(via Doobybrain)

  • branden rio

    Well, that made me want to go back to Portland. 

  • Eeek

    im not sure the math works here, 300k photos @ 30 frames a second would give you 10,000 seconds, or 166 minutes of footage.  

  • Kyle Duren

    Its got some good stuff, but it just feels too rushed. Some of the scenes that should have been played back a tad bit slower I think.

  • Joy

    Too bad all the photos have that crappy tone-mapped look. 

  • Heather

    Awesome!! You did a great job on this!! 

  • Filmmaker1290

    There is most likely more than one frame per second of video, especially at how fast some of these shots are sped up to

  • Fukyou

    lets see you do any better joy

  • Fukyou

    portland in a nutshell  danm good job guy all these negative comments can be an easy explenation of jelousy because they wish they did it too or tired and was super shitty compared to this amazing work   GREAT JOB GUY

  • will hall

    Some shots are meh, everyone has had a go at timelapse these days so its easy to do mediocre timelapse clips. However there are clearly some in this that standout from the crowd by a mile.

  • Sharon

    Fukyou, maybe you could learn to spell before commenting.

  • Taylor

    That is not what he was saying at all.

  • David Nesting

    Is it not possible that the final video did not include every one of the original 300k photos?

  • HintonLewis25

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  • Kennuf

    Yer right, Sharon…especially since spell-check probably pointed out most of the spelling “sins” as they were being committed. Having said that…Fukyou’s comments were complimentary, positive, appreciative. That’s a whole lot better (in my opinion) than offering properly spelled, grammatically perfect, “chickie-poo”, nit-picky criticisms as some folks feel the need to do.

  • Squashy

    anybody know what the song is that is playing with the video?

  • Guest

    I’m surprised they found so many sunny days and clear nights in two months — they would have had, what? 2 sunny days?

  • gogole

    Ok, minor beef here, the major effect here is slowly moving cameras. The time lapse is incidental to the composition. Most of the time time lapse is used in a stationary position to show change over time but for a major part of this video it just shows traffic or people wiping past with a slow pan.