Ethereal Portraits Taken Underwater

Here’s a gorgeous series of underwater portraits shot by photographer Jacob Sutton, the same guy who did the LED snowboarding shoot that we featured a while back. It’s titled “Underwater Girl”.

(via Juxtapoz)

Image credits: Photographs by Jacob Sutton/Trunk Archive and used with permission

  • Zak Henry

    I wonder what was put in the water/what she is swimming in

  • b4

    im getting to agree that you just want clicks to get revenue…..a boycott is imminent

  • Pera

    He put a lot of PShop…

  • rtfe

    you answered the first guy’s comment

  • MikeAlgar42

    What has been done/changed about the site? There have always been posts like this and I for one do not mind seeing them. It gives you a sense of adventure and conjures ideas without saying anything at all. Then there are camera related posts, then image service related posts, that photo series. Just like before, just like now.

  • Albert

    Can someone please explain about the technique?