Beauty in the Broken: Photographs of Destroyed Apple Projects

Now here’s a divisive photo series that will draw both anger and cheers: graphic designer (and former Apple employee) Michael Tompert teamed up with photographer Paul Fairchild for a project titled 12LVE that consists of photographs showing annihilated Apple products. Here’s the description:

12LVE […] provides society a mirror, forcing us to question our infatuation with mere objects. By annihilating the adored, pulverizing the precious, and obliterating the beloved, 12LVE reminds us that although these objects have become quasi-religious icons, we will soon discard and replace them with the new crop—sleeker, faster, shinier.

12LVE (via Flavorwire)

Image credits: Photographs by Michael Tompert and Paul Fairchild and used with permission

  • will hall

    hey i got this idea for a series of photos, its kinda neat but not original so nothing too special, how can i make it stand out?
    Could you shoehorn apple products into it somehow?

  • Matt from Cohen-Photo

    I have many of these products in my own home and I still think this is pretty cool

  • rtfe

    are you having a conversation with yourself?

  • Michael Godek

    I wonder if they still work…….

  • Zak Henry

    Hot damn is that iPad still going? I’m calling photoshop on that one…

  • some guy

    the neat cloudy speckles of dust everywhere are too obvious photoshopped, for my taste. Look at “Targeting” and “Honor Killing”

  • Jackson Cheese

    I dunno.  I once broke the screen on a phone, and the screen still (sorta) worked for a couple of hours.

  • wallace

    Oh does it matter if pictures are photoshopped. They could have been drawn on tissue paper for that matter. The point is to break the farce that these objects take so much precedence in our lives. By showing that they are mere objects. 

    Now if this was a journalistic picture story, than yes make all the noise you want about photoshopping. 

  • Sebastian Soiden

     Actually, look at the iPad one… you can see the same dust in both sides, only mirrored.

  • Sebastian Soiden

     Actually, look at the iPad one… you can see the same dust in both sides, only mirrored.

  • Zak Henry

    Good catch