Sony Unveils New Strategy, Tags Digital Imaging As One of Three Main “Pillars”

A month after announcing massive losses of $2.9 billion, Sony is taking evasive action to rediscover itself and right its ship. The company announced a new corporate strategy today, devised by its new CEO Kazuo Hirai. Called “One Sony”, the initiative identifies digital imaging as one of the three core pillars of the company going forward:

Sony is positioning digital imaging, game and mobile as the three core pillars of its electronics business, and going forward aims to concentrate its resources in these areas to further reinforce the businesses. Sony also plans to accelerate its efforts to drive innovation and new business creation. [#]

The decision isn’t surprising given Sony’s recent success in stealing market share away from bigger players like Canon and Nikon, largely due to its early entry into the mirrorless camera game.

(via Sony via VentureBeat via 1001NoisyCameras)

Image credit: Sony α by xcode


    Canon’s strategy is to reinvigorate value in the industry by producing high quality images at a premium. The DreamLabo 5000 takes up a lot of space in Canon Australia’s head office in northern Sydney. It’s an impressive piece of machinery — one that Canon has been developing for the last three years — and it is now the physical embodiment of the Japanese company’s launch into the mass market commercial inkjet printing business.

  • Sergio Alonso Rodríguez

    Sony´s power was Playstation untill they built a videoconsole hard to tweak.

  • Ant4987

    Sony’s Playstation brand is doing just fine. In fact it’s doing a pretty good job of propping up the company while they try to rescue the failing parts of the business.