Giant Mirrors Placed in Landscapes

For her project titled Mirrors, Swedish photographer Ilar Gunilla Persson photographed various landscapes with giant mirrors placed in them. The mirrors give the scenes an surreal and artificial look, but all the shots were captured on film.

Mirrors [Ilar Gunilla Persson]

Image credits: Photographs by Ilar Gunilla Persson and used with permission

  • Fredca08

    Kinda silly except for a few of he examples.

  • Samuel Jerichow

    Kinda silly comment, Fred. At least he’s creative and doesn’t do what everybody does… like trying to be more dumb than one’s friends by writing silly comments.

    It’s a simple and interesting way to play with the landscape, showing things that are normally not seen in one picture.

  • Jijk


  • rtfe

    bed on beach, bed on beach, bed on beach

  • Joseph Johnson

    wait… why is there a bed there?

  • Ndt

    I reflected on these images for a while and have concluded that they really hold a mirror up to society.

  • Flgraphics

    I like the idea, but in those examples I don’t see how the mirrors added anything substantial to the images. The ones with the people reflected make a bit more sense, but the others don’t really add to the composition or feel of the photos

  • ASM

    i think it does add to the composition and feel of the photos,by showing things that are normally not seen in one picture. The ones with people reflected in the mirrors are, i think,to obvious. But great pictures.

  • Withea64

    The first and third are excellent plays in linework and contrast of tone.  Maybe even Chiaroscuro.