What Landscape Photos Would Look Like if Earth Had Saturn-Like Rings

YouTube user Roy Prol created this fascinating animation that imagines what Earth would be like if our planet had Saturn-like rings. In addition to views from space, he show us beautiful renderings of what the rings would look like in landscape photos captured at famous landmarks (e.g. the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro) around the world.

  • Jackson Cheese

    This is awesome!

    I’m a space nerd, so this suddenly makes me jealous of Saturn.

  • Jorge Fuentes

    make it so!

  • John Milleker

    Ok, this is cool. Now I wish we had rings… Dumb Earth.

  • sujal

    I wonder what it would be like to be in the shadow of the rings during the day? long term eclipse? 

  • Abc

    love the animation, but glad it’s not real.
    It’s be pure light pollution at night.

  • Karem Nunez

    loved it!

  • Jeff Peterson

    Interesting idea.  Not sure if I’d like it if there were rings around Earth or not but it’d definitely be interesting and cool to see what photos could look like.

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  • beatser

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  • Logan MB

    Would they throw shadows across the earth? Make some months “duller” in different seasons due to blocking or straining sunlight?

  • Mscarey388

    we need to launch our garbage into space and make this happen.  

  • Sam Lewer

    Awesome, yeah, but wouldn’t the rings look flat from on the Earth’s surface? I mean, you can’t see the curvature on the horizon if you look out onto the sea.

  • ben

    How will the view be from the POLES?

  • Mark

    They wouldn’t be visible from the Poles.

  • Jamie Parker

    If we had rings like these, would we ever realize we were part of a larger galaxy? Would we be able to see the stars with the light from the rings?