Composite Image of Titanic on the Ocean Floor Created From 100,000 Photos

Researchers have created the first comprehensive image of the entire 3×5-mile debris field around the sinking of the Titanic:

Compiled from more than 100,000 photos taken by underwater robots, the composite image shows the world’s best remembered shipwreck in strikingly sharp detail. Although much of the debris is hidden, you can see how the ship split apart and tell by the debris that they hit the ground violently. In just over a month — April 15 — it will have been a century since the ship hit an iceberg and sunk to the bottom of the Atlantic.

(via The Atlantic via Photographs on the Brain)

Image credit: Photograph by RMS Titantic Inc.

  • dbgg1979

    strikingly sharp detail?

  • Istrasoft
  • Haas Colby

    “Strikingly Sharp Detail” doesn’t really come across at 630 pixels…Is there somewhere we can see these in high resolution?

  • Nils

    i’m sorry but the picture above is not composed from the 100,000 photos. this is a side scan sonar image as you can guess from the stripes in it.