Oops: Nikon Uses Stolen Canon 5D Mark II Footage for D800 Promo Video

Nikon caused a stir this past weekend after it was revealed that a promo video shown during the D800’s launch in Bangkok actually contained footage that was both used without permission and that wasn’t even captured with a Nikon D800. After a recording of the promo was uploaded to YouTube in mid-February, people began coming forward with reports that Nikon had used their videos without permission.

Norwegian photographer Terje Sørgjerd — whose amazing time-lapses we’ve featured multiple times — spotted some of his video clips in the promo, and was quite surprised — especially due to the fact that he’s sponsored by Canon and that the videos were shot with a 5D Mark II:

Here’s the video that made a cameo in the promo:

The shot at 2:13 in Terje’s video is seen at 0:18 in Nikon’s promo.

What’s more, snowboarding scenes in the promo (e.g. 0:50) were taken from the film The Art of Flight, a snowboarding film loaded with footage captured with the Phantom HD Gold high-speed camera.

On the bright side, Nikon was quick to fess us and apologize for the mistake. A day after his complaint through Facebook, Terje posted another message stating that Nikon had responded and that the matter is now “fully resolved”:

(via Steve’s Digicams)

  • ChristianRudman

    Bwaaaahahahahaha. Get some Nikon.

  • Titus-Armand

    The D800 has video so good that they had to use a Canon to show it off.

  • Mute

    Presumably they hired some sketchy PR company to put this together.

  • Bluewave

    They’ve used a couple of Ben Heine’s photos too ( at 0:57s. I wonder if he gave permission?

  • Buggle

    Nikon can’t do anything right.  

    Terrible product, terrible marketing.

  • Dave

    “On the bright side, Nikon was quick to fess us and apologize for the mistake”

    Well, that’s ok then. I’ll do the same next time I STEAL something. Wonder what the police will say to that…

  • rdompor

    You’re an idiot.  I shoot Canon and even I can recognize that Nikon puts out great quality products.

  • Slash_Cynic

    Outside of their high-end cameras like the D3X and flashes. What else does Nikon make that’s so awesome?

  • Zak Henry

    Lenses, the main reason someone would choose Nikon

  • Chris Park

    The paint orchestra for the DTS commercial at 0:29 more info here and used two high speed cameras Don’t know if it was used with permission.

  • rdompor

    They make great lenses too.  The D700 and D7000 are also very capable cameras.  I’ve worked at a newspaper photo desk for a few years now and am fairly familiar with their system.  Just like Canon’s cameras, Nikons have both strengths and weaknesses.  Saying that either system is ‘terrible’ just shows a persons ignorance toward one company and fanboyism toward the other.

  • Rob LaRosa

    You all know that Nikon doesn’t actually produce the videos, ads, commercials etc., right? They hire firms to do that – they’re the ones responsible for the screw up, not Nikon themselves. (It’s still amusing though.)

  • travis

    They do this all of the time…  My friend once had an image shot with his D300 on the Canon site for almost a year.

  • Ross Ching

    They also used footage from my commercial for DTS from last year.

  • Gussy Finknottle

    Bahh… who cares…

  • Le Hoang

    Moreover, Nikon also use some parts in this clip : Intel Visual Life – The Sartorialist. – The main character in this clip is a loyal Canon user and this video clip also is made from Canon DSLR. 

    – here is the link for the video clip :
    – and link for the making of that clip :

  • Deelzbreenz

    Geee thanks for your idiotic lesson, now take a hike…

  • William De Young

    this is just killing me. Its just funny some how, that the commercial for a nikon camera is stealing somebody else videoclip and that it also use canon footage. is it that false advertise?  

  • Mark Alan Thomas

    You have mental problems.

  • Mark Alan Thomas

    Clearly the megapixel-poor Mark III has confused you and made you defensive.

  • Mario Goncalves

    It’s funny to see people defending Nikon for this. You guys act like the people at Nikon didn’t get a chance to approve the final product (video) and/or care to even find out the source of the video clips. Obviously, the release of a new camera is a big deal, so letting this go by unnoticed is a damn shame. But of all things, an advertisement for a CAMERA using footage recorded by it’s leading competitor… there is no excuse for that. I don’t care who actually made the video. It’s like watching a Ford commercial revealing it’s newest Mustang but they used sound bites of a Corvette revving it’s engine. There is just no excuse. Nikon wouldn’t be apologizing if they didn’t screw up somewhere. This doesn’t mean Nikon is any less of a quality product, but it makes it extremely clear that these photography blogs are flooding with fanboys.

  • agus setiawan

    hahahaha, it’s so funny.

  • kendon

    doesn’t really change anything…

  • Mute

     Was it meant to? I wasn’t suggesting it did.

  • Bjarki

    Well. A client will rarely ask about the source of the footage or would expect to receive an edit with Canon footage. If I sold my clients a spot using stolen music for instance, my client wouldn’t expect it to be. The blame is laid on Nikon here, but I’m pretty sure that it will be redirected to this particular agency. And they’re not likely to use them again.

  • Annnesty378

    Ask NASA and the Russian space agency why they are using NIKON and not Canon.

  • Glenn

    This type of copyright infringement by the marketing firm is exactly the sort of stuff that photographers are dealing with all the time.  Sad for Nikon, but the marketing firm should be at the very least heavily fined.  Tweet their name and maybe they’ll go out of business.  Yes, Nikon is ultimately responsible, but as someone above said, they trusted the PR firm.

  • BTKelly07

    No, it’s not false advertising. It is theft.

  • Wallerus

    I’ll just saw this, and add my two cents. If you are the owner of Nikon, regardless of third party advertising partners, you need to have the creative control over what is advertised. It’s your name on the product, and people aren’t accusing of ABC Marketing of theft, it’s You the owner. The reputation of your name and product are on the line. Own it, give credit, and learn from it. Period.