Training a Newbie in One Week to Fake It as a Pro Photographer

Kai Wong over at DigitalRev recently conducted this interesting experiment in which they spent a week training a newbie photographer — an IT guy without any background — to go up head-to-head in a studio environment against an actual photographer. The goal was to see whether they could fake it well enough so that one of Hong Kong’s top photographers wouldn’t be able to tell the difference in quality.

  • Anonymous

    Link’s brokee.

  • DarleneBouchard

    would have helped if he had a better teacher. It’s like that guy wasn’t expecting to have to explain what an aperture is, much less anything else. Maybe they did it on purpose for the sake of entertainment, but I just found it annoying

  • Michael Zhang

    doh, thanks Christian. Fixed :)

  • ArmyGuy

    In the military we use EDI… Explain, Demonstrate, Imitate.  It makes for a much more efficient teaching technique.  If poor “newb” had watched a photo shoot from the sidelines before, he’d notice things that he wouldn’t need to be corrected on.. checking the LCD all the time, the jargon, etc…

    I agree, a better teacher/teaching technique might have helped.

  • anna

    that was so painful to watch. yeah, a good teacher could teach someone all the technical stuff in a week, but it takes so much use of those skills and practice and training of the eye to get really good. anyone can learn to use a camera, but it’s training your eye what to look for and coming up with these visions–and then translating it through the camera to get the look you want–that can only be learned from experience. interesting experiment, though.

  • Khemosabi

    Very bad teaching!

  • Michael

    Is it me or is Kai Wong is just getting annoying to watch?

  • Jim

     It’s like he’s trying really, really hard to be cool and funny. I watch a bit and then it’s just like.. ugh. Just the facts, please!

  • Ivan

    It’s not just you. I started avoiding his camera reviews on YouTube after watching only a few. Hope was he will have a different approach to this topic but no luck, I gave up after 30 seconds and just clicked at the end to see what the “judge” would say.

  • Spider- Man

    Yeah, went from funny to trying too hard… 

  • Wang Xu

    If you want “just the facts”, why not just go to a site like dpreview? I watch DRTV reviews not because I’m actually considering buying the lens/ camera, but for the entertainment value of it. 

  • Sultan

    Thank you for your effort .. We hope more