Every Photographer Goes Through a Phase of Disappointment

Do you feel like the quality of your photography falls short of where you want it to be? Don’t worry: every creative goes through a period in their growth in which there’s a disappointing gap between their “taste” and their work. Here’s an inspiring video in which Ira Glass encourages people going through this to push through and to not give up.

  • will hall

    c.f the four stages of competence ( ) . Or at least the video reminds me of the conscious incompetence stage of it.

    edit: also, if you’re feeling a little more optimistic, you could compare it to the worse than average effect ( )

  • Vincent

    Can this be any more annoying?

  • Tetrasol

    The original source video is more palatable. You can find this series on YouTube. I watched it a while ago and did like his theory that an artist starts by having good taste, but quickly becomes discouraged when they can’t translate that aesthetic sensibility into art as quickly as they believe themselves capable.

  • Ddd

    When you blatantly lift someone’s post from reddit you should at least give them the via for the find. 

  • georg

    it just takes a while to build this “body of work” thing ….

  • Adam

    Run along, non-creative. Nothing for you to see here.

  • Eleventhvolume

    Complete rip off of the work of William Wegman!

  • Dsreiter

    Please please please, if you’re going to make a video that showcases a creative way to use typography, learn typography! Or at very least, learn the difference between an apostrophe and a foot mark.

  • Mahawe9

    u r really give me a huge cup of hope :)  
    i am a little photographer but i feel disappointment these days :(

    thanks a lot 4 u and 4 u r creative video

  • John Kantor

    For a professional, it’s irrelevant how they feel about their own work. The only important thing is how the client feels.