Full Photos of the Olympus OM-D EM-5 Leaked by Amazon Japan

Here are the first full photographs of Olympus’ new OM-D series Micro Four Thirds camera, the EM-5 (with an optional battery grip attached). The images were published to Amazon Japan before quickly being taken down. The camera is expected to become official on Wednesday, so we’ll have a full spec list in a couple days.

What do you think of this new camera’s design?

(via Photo Rumors)

  • Simon Meisinger

    wait a minute, wasn’t this supposed to look retro? this is just ugly.

  • Anonymous

    Pretty classy, I like that design.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not hugely interested in the OM-D, more intrigued by the X-Pro 1. Nonetheless, this is one buttugly camera.

  • Ben L Jones1998

    looks like a old film camera, not bad for people who like that sort of thing but in public im sure there will be a few faces turning

  • Matthew Wagg

    Thats nice. Mixing the classic lines of the OM series with the new aesthetic. As a massive fan of the original OM series (I still use them daily) I’m glad they’ve kept the overall look of the orignials. Hopefully the performance will be up to today’s standard as well. I’d be very interested in getting my hands on one, shame they didn’t keep the OM lens mount though, that would have made it difficult to resist if  I could have used my OM lenses without converters

  • Evanmolina Portfolio

    Even better than I had expected. Can’t wait to see the specs.

  • Njsantiago

    Looks uncomfortable to hold to be honest. 

  • Pedrinho

    Love it!!! :D

  • Dash Rendar

    Looks awesome, imho! :D

  • Anonymous

    looks better without the batt grip.

  • Dzjaansis

    yep fugly

  • Kyoshinikon

    I think it looks great unlike most canons or pentaxes I’ve seen lately…

  • Hexx

    does it have 2 grips attached? one looks like a grip and the other one looks like extra battery accessory. without those two it will be very pretty camera.

  • Marcin

    Stupid design for the sake of imitating the old OM series. The fake prism hump doesn’t even house an internal flash? The EVF should be to the side of the camera to keep the nose off the back screen and reduce the size.  Sony got it right with Nex-7.

  • Torjane

    This is one I will buy.

  • rob

    They’re emulating the ugly retro designs now? wtf is wrong with people?

  • Mike

    Is it just me or does it look like the lens was Photoshopped onto the camera body?

  • Jon Levi

    Cannot wait to get my hands on this camera! 

  • Ian

    The more I see of this much anticipated camera, the less it looks like the iconic OM1 and the more it looks like a fussy, confused retro pastiche stealing the OM name in a desperate attempt to gain some false pedigree. It doesn’t take OM system lenses, its not full frame, it’s not got the elegant understated simplicity of the original which would earn it the right to use the OM tag. Hell, the penta prism (faux or not, doesn’t matter) is nothing like the OM1 or OM2 minimal style.

    If this is the best retro design can do, give me the brutal modernism of the Pentax K-01 anytime, we’ll learn to love the new shape soon enough.

  • Anonymous

    Pretty nifty I like the battery grip.

  • Anonymous

    Looks reminiscent of my old Nikon F4s, but modernized and slimmed down. I loved that camera! 

  • Tim

    Landfill waiting to happen

  • Matt from Cohen-Photo

    Absolutely gross. Olympus missed the mark with this one.

  • Ryan Neufeld

    That lens looks photoshopped on there…. I call fake.

  • Padbrit

    Ghastly, it looks like the old OM-10s. Now if it looked like an Black OM-4ti we would be talking. 

  • Jono Kwok

    c’mon guys, its better than pentax’s K-01 camera.

  • Wolfie

    X-Pro 1 – ugly, over priced, no WR and no system – but a great sensor – yup very interesting!

  • Wolfie

    The hump does exactly what does on a DSLR (you have seen one?) or a Panasonic G GH  series camera – it contains the internal viewfinder – form follows function.

  • Craig Freeman

    I think they picked the wrong OM to copy the OM-77 and OM-88 were crap and looks as much. Should have stuck with OM-1 design.

  • Wolfie

    Heck if DSLR form factor is so ugly why do they sell so well -doh! Do you own one yourself? Have you ever a Canon EOS or a Nikon D ? Gosh – and if you know anything of camera design, the name says it is deliberately emulating the film OM series – so what do you expect?

  • Wolfie

    LOL – yep just like they did with their rather suuccessful PEN series. Plenty of people will buy because it answers a big gap in the mirrorless market for a WR camera – which will be considerable smaller, lighter than anything N,C can offer.

  • wolfie

    The problem with K-01 is it retains the same body depth due to the same lens-sensor distance as an DSLR so there are virtually no size gains. Has a great sensor but biggest issue is if can focus adequately without PDAF support.

  • Wolfie

    You are obviously confused between retro and ugly … so only if you like the design it is then “retro”? It is obviously retro because it takes all its design cues from the OM film series of SLRs – take a look and learn something.

  • wolfie

    Heck are you a frustrated art design student?
    Of course it doesn take OM film series lenses – there were virtually all manual focus.
    Of course it not full frame – Nikon and Canon mostly sell APS DSLRs using the film camera range names.
    This is a digital interpretation – so it will have buttons, thumbwheels and touchscreen – this is the 21 century. Otherwise you’d be calling them Luddites!
    Yep – that chair designer made a real statement!

  • Erik

    Pffahahaha! …aaaaah, but seriously? This isn’t it?

  • Marcin

    I’ve owned several DSLR’s, so yes, I know what they look like ;-) An electronic viewfinder is not prism-shaped and can be moved to the side of the camera (even an optical one can do the trick, see Olympus’ very own e-330). But here we have a prominent top-centre pyramid, just like a DSLR. “Form follows old-school looks”. For “form follows function” look to Nex-7.

  • Ollie Williams

    Granted it doesn’t look great, but frankly I’m staggered at how much some of you seem to care about what it looks like, when really the way it handles and the images it produces are far more important.

  • Xeilaxtu

     you’re right ! It’s missing the “shadows contact” between the lens and the body

  • Lennon_lim08

    M4/3 sensor and 16:9 LCD screen?? It has classic film-camera look. What have happened to camera design recently? Present design is no better than the good old days? Anyway I look forward to read the specs.

  • Lennon_lim08

    I was expecting it to look like OM4 and has analogue look alike controls like Fujifilm X100 and its painted in silver and black…. Disappointed.. If not I would go for it ,despite I owned a Canon 5D MKII. :(

  • Rafaelricoy

    It looks like a cheap chinese plastic camera from the eighties. Retrotrash!

  • Richard Ford

    What does a camera’s aesthetic appearance have to do with anything? How can it in any way affect image quality or handling.  Indeed how can one or does one even start to try and see if it has an aesthetic?  It’s a camera after all.  They all look like little utilitatrian devices and all the same.  :-S

  • David Weihnacht

    I am looking at the system photos below the front and back images on the camera. It looks like there is a silver and black version which does look better, more like the OM series. It is shown without the battery grip, and has a small grip, which it looks like it gets covered up by the battery grip. So yes i’t nice to hold a smart looking camera, but more important to me is how it functions. I do not think there is another small camera system with so many possibilities. So if I get to use my current Zuiko lenses for still and video on a 16 megapixel camera, with super fast focus, great viewfinders (is that a EPL-3 style swivel screen) and have the several options to the size and weight of the camera depending on the job, then I will be pretty happy.