Dreamlike Photographs of Insects Found in a Garden

Malaysian photographer Peiling Lee captures beautiful, dreamlike macro photographs of tiny critters she finds in her garden. She uses a Canon 50D and a 100mm Macro lens. Her work reminds us of Nadav Bagim’s Wonderland project that we shared last year.

You can find the rest of the images in her Flickr set titled “Small small world“.

Small small world (via Colossal)

Image credits: Photographs by Peiling Lee and used with permission

  • fradastio

    yea amazing but yes an uncanny resemblance to aimish boy’s wonderland especially with the gels and mist

  • Ian Ludwig

    Don’t the Temple Island Collection Company. I hear they file cases against people for composition similarities and I am sure they do macro work also. GMAB.

    On a serious note, props to the photographer for making some ba macro shots (regardless if someone else has…gasp taken similar photos).

  • 8fps

    It seems to always rain in these types of garden.

  • HD Cam Team

    Or you can use some kind of water spray when needed to get more interesting images :)

  • Anonymous

    It looks like her bokeh is a Photoshop layer, look at the speckles on the first and last photos, it is very obvious, especially on the right side of the photos, it’s the same layer and you can compare the

  • Peter

    Yeah well spotted.. disappointing really.

  • tabby cat

    Those speckles could be dust on the sensor, and both photos were taken at the same time (e.g. with the same dirty sensor). 

  • Anthony Burokas

    Or create effects in Apple Motion. Either way, it’s art. It’s not trying to present images for photographic accuracy and I like it. 

  • Anthony Burokas

    Even if they are an effect, I think the goal is something artistic, not situationally accurate (no gardens have such perfect light). Now that you point it out, yea, sure, she used it twice. Probably more. But unless you have those two images on your wall side by side, nobody will realize it. If you wanted to have a few strewn around an office, especially the butterfly, etc, people will just accept them as single images- very beautiful images. 

  • Jack Nickolson

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  • MarkLivesInLA

    Agreed. The intent, seems to lean towards artistic and the results are, if I may say, quite striking.