Close-Up Portraits of Identical Twins

Photographer Martin Schoeller traveled to the annual “Twins Days Festival” in Twinsburg, Ohio to photograph pairs of identical twins in his trademark close-up style.

The portraits were made for a National Geographic cover story on twins. You can find more of Schoeller’s work here.

A Thing or Two About Twins [National Geographic]

Image credits: Photographs by Martin Schoeller/National Geographic, and courtesy of VAUGHAN HANNIGAN

  • Sean Smyth

    Wow, it’s amazing how it’s the eyes that give each other away!

  • Anonymous

    That and the fact that the rule of one having an oval head and the other a square one is true. 

  • Karen Davidson

    Amazing – so subtle the difference.

  • naomi

    why are they wearing the same clothes?

  • mikel

    the second picture are very same.