A 35-Foot-Long Camera That Exposes 6-Foot-Tall Negatives

For his project Vanishing Cultures, photographer Dennis Manarchy is traveling around the country documenting various cultures with a one-of-a-kind, 35-foot-long camera called “Eye of America”. Styled like an old fashioned large format camera, it’s so large that a person can work comfortably inside it. The negatives measure 6×4.5 feet, and are so large that windows must be used as lightboxes to examine them. The detail in a portrait subjects’ eyeball alone is a thousand times greater than what you get with the average negative. Resulting portraits will be featured on prints 2 stories tall.

Here’s an introduction to the camera:

…and an introduction to the project:

Vanishing Cultures (via Film’s Not Dead via ISO 1200)

Update: Manarchy is currently raising funds for the project via Kickstarter.

  • Zak Henry

    Now they need an even bigger enlarger

  • Sindey

    A 1000 times?  Really?  That must be one helluva lens.

  • lloyd

    I love the idea but i hate that its called the ‘eye of america’


    Really though, This is why we don’t like you. Things like this.

    And printing ‘in god we trust’ on your monies.

    Come on people, stay classy

  • Snake


  • Thatcherd

    Haters are always going to hate. 
    lloyd, your like school on Sunday. No class.

    God bless!

  • lloyd



  • Kevin Boule

    At least they didn’t call it the “Freedom Camera” or some damn thing.

  • Longwell

    Many find it less classy to outwardly dislike something insignificant to ones life.
    It means you are looking for something to be angry about. Why not do something that makes you happy?
    Then again, maybe you are.
    Trolling is fun, you obtained my attention, get some practice however.
    Pointing out the wrong use of your and you’re is trolling 101.

    Easy as pie.

    Ten non interesting tweets a day however must be very difficult innovative work.

    Isn’t it russianbox/wireframebox?

    I would expect a better link from someone so critical.

    Have fun trying not to let this comment bother you :)

  • lloyd


  • lloyd

    If its got to anyone, its you :)

    looking at my tweets, How nice. But just because your’ didn’t find what I said interesting doesn’t mean its not. its all relative.

    So by trying to poke fun at my tweets it seems like youare somebody who would outwardly dislike something insignificant.

    after all they are insignificant, yeah?

    Yet again this is that whole anonymity thing. People act like jerks without putting up who they are because you then get people like you who try to bring something else into what i was saying and through off the conversation.

    As for insignificant?, The thing I was pointing out was that american way, the hype, the sell it to me babble.

    “welded aluminumb for strength and stability”

    Come on america sell it to me

    “This is an interactive event designed to be inclusive even
    with its epic scale”


  • Mauricio Munuera

    A camera this big is like a TV set in a honeymoon suite: unnecessary.
    I mean, isn’t a 8×10″ big enough?!

  • OP

    threw* :)

  • Anonymous

    You think it might be called the ‘eye of america’ because that’s the nation that it was built to document?!?

    You dumb fuck.

  • GordonU

    These negs are so big they could bail out Kodak…

  • Test2


  • ByronBulb

    Once again lloyd misses the point.

  • Andrea Harris

    They could call it the “Eye of the World” and only take pictures in America. That always pleases people.

  • Spencer

    -photographer Dennis Manarchy is traveling around the country [America] documenting various cultures with a one-of-a-kind, 35-foot-long camera called “Eye of America”
    That’s probably why it’s called Eye of America. It’s looking at America.

  • Thissideleft

    Isn’t this all that ‘merica is about? Being able to (in an economic crash) build something so audacious, so obscenly huge and justifing it by giving it the purpose of ” bringing attention to some of the most vunerable cultures that are vanishing before our eyes,” the perfect example of a steriotypical American view of self importance and grandure.
     This veneered tin can “camera” is a perfect representation of the failures in our society as a whole, take something quintesential and strap a big screen tv on it, drag it around on the back of a truck for 6 months and call it “culture”.

     In my honest opinion i belive that the tax funded dollars that no doubt run this project should have as GordonU jested been used to at least stem the flow of companies, not specifically Kodak but in their case, that have been around for over a hundred years.

     This project will un-doubtedly be a huge success in the eyes of the god fearing, gun toating, culture destorying, hypoctritical ‘merican public. The shame of it is if it tryed to be more humble it would be easier to swallow.


  • Carlwhitegallery

    What on Earth are the exposures like? Don’t think you’ll get away with a 6oth at 5.6 !! A portrait…what is the lens focal length…what must the bellows extension calculation…how’s the depth of field…like to know more..

  • Carlwhitegallery

    Agreed…in fact I’m beginning to disbelieve this idea…I just don’t understand how they are going to get enough light back to the film! A portrait in natural light needs a 30th sec min to stop motion…at 100 iso that’s about f8 (smooth light) which would be impossible for a lens on that camera…even if it did the bellows for a portrait would be too long and the depth of field would be about 1mm…the only way would be to use flash sooooo strong it would incinerate the subject…I would love to see this thing and how they use it!!

  • Will

    It’s called “Eye of America” because it takes place in America… How do you have a problem with that?

  • genotypewriter