Girl Documents 2011 With One Second of Video From Each Day

A young woman living in Los Angeles named Madeline did a 365 day project that’s a bit different than most: instead of taking a picture a day, she decided to document each day with roughly one second of footage. At the conclusion of 2011, she combined all 365 video clips into this beautiful 7-minute-long video that offers a glimpse into what her year was like.

  • Martin Reisch

    i’m sooooo into this it hurts

  • Edward De La Torre

    Watching me edit photos every 4 clips would get boring.

  • jorn

    Madeline, you are a f**king genius

  • charles

    This girl nailed it, can’t believe no one thought of this until now. Amazing Project, the music is not my style at all. But this is amazing. I hope she wins something 

  • Sam Wallace

    I just need a more active lifestyle I guess.

  • Samanie Warren

    Instant inspiration, not necessarily to do this, but something.

  • David

    I’m :24 in.  Can someone let me know if it’s the same music all the way through?  Because if it is, I’m hitting the mute button.

  • Minus Manhattan

    It’s “All My Friends” by LCD Soundsystem. The song takes up the whole video.

  • Shane Ullman

    it get’s better, it’s not just someone hitting the piano the whole time…

  • Weis Tobi

    Great project, I also think the music fits this quite well !

  • Margreet

    Simply love this!

  • Jake

    This kind hurts my head, watching it so fast.  Also, is there any indication that this girl has a job or is a student or does anything, other than fly around the country and have a pleasant time with her cat?

  • xpirex

    What a waste of a year. A glimpse into the typical vacuous life of an American doing absolutely nothing worthwhile or interesting.

  • Johnny007

    Phenomenal piece.  She has a fantastic eye — and absolutely brilliant music selection.  I’m a 48 year-old CMO in Detroit — there is no question that this young woman is going to make it in film one day soon. 

  • Birthday Boy

    This video went viral. And many more came along… ( Date: 07 Jan 2013, after a year of this post )

  • Jessica

    can you pass me your beatiful video project pleaseeeeeee! It’s fantastic, I love it! I want to do something similar for one friend and I would like to see your video as a example… it’s sooo pretty…