Concept Bicycle Doubles as a Tripod

The T-Bike is a concept bicycle by designer Reza Rachmat Sumirat that’s inspired by the camera tripod. In addition to having three sliding bars that can help riders easily adjust the bike to their desired size, the bike also doubles as a tripod for active outdoor photographers. The handlebars provide a tripod mount, and the kickstand on the front wheel helps stabilize the shot.

What do you think of the idea?

(via Yanko)

  • Melo


  • Michaelangelo Ilagan

    For the hipster that has everything.

  • Asdflkj

    Just clamp a regular tripod head onto any bicycles handlebars for $3 in parts from Home Depot. Don’t those HD go cams already come with a mount anyway?

  • Simongiroux93

     maybe 5 years ago…. when people actually bought DV camcorders, LOL

  • Spiros Vathis

    I can do this with a ten times faster bike and no hands:

  • Lurmy4875

    Has this guy ever ridden a bike? How do you peddle it?  I sure wouldn’t ride that thing here in Colorado.

  • Xxx

    nicely styled commuter bike; does it come with shock absorber so you can leave the camera attached?

  • Anonymous

    It looks as if pedals were considered too unstylish to include on the bicycle.  Maybe the pedals fold out, but I don’t see any thing that suggests that, it looks like the pedals were removed from the pedal arms.

    I don’t see a remote shutter trigger either, a thumb button on the handlebar would be useful.

  • Anonymous

    Your web site is top-notch I will have to read it all, thank you for the diversion from my classwork!

  • Johann The Fifth

    I saw this would likely be out of the price range of hipsters.  More yuppie-ish.

    Hipsters would likely do what I did.  One of these: and zip ties.

  • Stacy Rosenstock

    I’d like it better if it didn’t look so weird.

  • Steven Lawler

    Since the pan head is not level any attempt at panning will result in the camera tilting down as well. Ditto if shooting video while steering. Rather than an entire bike just buy a Flashpoint Camera Bike Bracket and put the head of your choice on it.

  • Anonymous

    This is the dumbest concept ever.

  • Flgraphics

    so not needed

  • Dave



    Don’t be so hard on the designer. Concept bikes point to our future!

  • Ken Elliott

    Uh… this is NOT a tripod. “Tri” = 3. I only see two points of contact with the ground. This is just a bicycle with a camera mount. Clearly, the designer is not a photographer. A tilted pan head is proof of that.