Nikon D4 Leaked by French Magazine

French magazine Réponses Photo has spilled the beans on the Nikon D4, one day ahead of its official announcement. A two-page scan from the magazine leaked onto the Internet, revealing photos of the camera and confirming the specs that we shared yesterday and last December. Some confirmed details: 16 megapixels, ISO 100-12800 (expandable to 50-204800), 51 autofocus points, 100% viewfinder coverage, 10-12fps, 91000 point metering system, 1080p video recording, CF/XQD card slots, 1.34kg weight, and a price of €5,800.

Update: A press release about the camera was also leaked onto the web on Wells Fargo’s website. It’s offline now, but here’s a screenshot that we managed to snag.

Thanks for the tip, broxibear!

  • Thomas

    It’s “Réponses Photos” & not “Responses” ;)

  • Smittywerbenjagermanjensen


  • Mario Liedtke

    Want to have it. Will love it!
    But there is one big bad design-failure: The Zoom-In and -Out Buttons are placed confusing. They should be placed somethere, where I can find them without looking.. only be feeling/touching..

  • Albert

    Same layout as the D700, except inverted (the + is above the – in the D4).

    Pretty intuitive, MUCH better than the two step control of previous bodies.

  • Hynee

    There’s quite a few changes on the back, there’s no AE-L/AF-L button, but a joystick in its place; There’s a second joystick for vertical shooting I guess. The focus area mode selector is gone, with the lock for the D-pad in its place. And there’s a new Live View/Photo/Video mode selector thing.

  • Cochese

    I’m sure it will be a nice camera, but it’s kind of really ugly. The new layout looks really unintuitive. I guess I won’t truly know until I get a good hands on with it, but I’m not liking what I see.

  • David Hole

    If 5800 is the right price then it’s too much , really needs to come in at less than 4000 pounds

  • Bryan Mordt

    I am sure this camera will preform amazingly but good grief the thing looks so overdone.  

  • Michael Zhang

    Thanks Thomas :)

  • Harold

    The irony is that I am a subscriber of the magazine and I have not got it yet …

  • Dirk

    anyone who is criticizing the look of this camera needs to get a pair of glasses. It looks like every other flagship nikon since the d2h with minor changes here and there.

    anyone saying shit about it wishes that actually had it. DEAL!

  • Damien

    New switch to change between still and movie mode, including a dedicated LiveView button.
    Irritating L switch moved from the 8-way joystick to somewhere where you won’t keep bumping it.
    Connectors on the side of the body have had the dust/moisture caps split into separate covers.
    Additional moulded grip and repositioned AF-ON button should make ergonomics even better in for rotated/portrait sheeting.
    I like the separate +/- and INFO buttons (like the D300 family, not combined like the D3 family)
    The AF-mode selector switch has changed into one of the new joysticks, which are presumably user-configurable and work through on-screen menus.

    The most important question I have is: how to the pictures it captures compare with those of the D3/s/x?

  • Anonymous

    @f5292d5a14adc88cd65b7e0e20a4954a:disqus Yea.. I like the INFO button seperate..

    The image quality will presumably have better pixel integrity.  We will have to wait to see the first image samples..  What do you think the availability is?

  • Brian Tobey

    The D4 has a microphone option.. This is useful for videographers..

  • Mista Mensa

    My question is:

    Why does the D800 get a 36MP sensor and the D4 gets a 16MP count sensor. Am I missing something here? or is it possible the info here may not be exact?


  • Hunter

    I have a D700 (same “guts” as D3) and I think Nikon is trying differentiate the line more. I would say this D4 is targeted at the photojournalist / sports shooters, for whom 12mp was plenty and 16 is fine – they are more interested in speed and other features. 

    The D800 is going towards fine art, portraiture, and landscapes where that higher mp count will matter. 

    Problem for me is I need most of the D4 speed features (esp low light) but at a D700 price… :(. Anyone need a kidney?

  • Mista Mensa

    Yeah ditto, I’m a loving D700 owner, can’t say enough good stuff about it. I have heard (tho everything is speculation until test images are released) that the D800 will not perform in low light as well as its predecessor thanks to the new sensor. but who knows.

    I think you’re right tho, I mean there must be some method to the madness of the powers that be at Nikon for this. 

    The D4 is out of the picture for me, I may go for a D800 , or just pick up a D3s or a D700 when the market gets flooded by second hand ones.

    as for kindeys, I’m cool. however I’m sure if you havent sold your soul to Apple by now then Nikon would probably snap it up…if they have a dept for that ofcourse. ;D hehe

  • GuestTK

    very ugly design

  • lauraaa

    I don’t wish I had it and I think its a odd shape…though yes, a lot of nikons are like that…just not mine luckily. 

  • Suhrid

    would anyone be kind enough to tell me what lens is on the camera in the middle photograph? 

    i imagine the edit table conversation like this:

    “we need three photos of the bloody camera in this article, the usual front, side and back. get it done.”

    “well, the lens is too big for the side pic to fit in, mate.”

    “who the hell cares? chop it off!”

    and there you go. perfectly tacky photoshop, a sliced off lens that will probably leave many wondering whether nikon’s come up with a 50mm / 0.1 which we must sell our kids for, and a new dimension to shoddiness.