3888 Photos Captured Over One Year Condensed Into One Image

While we’re on the subject of photos captured over the course of one year, check out this crazy time-lapse photograph by Eirik Solheim of Oslo, Norway (whose time-lapse video work we’ve featured before). The image shows the passing of one year starting from January on the left and ending with December on the right, and comprises 3888 photographs captured during the days that were then combined using a special script that uses one vertical segment from each image.

One year in one image (via Photojojo)

  • Matt from Cohen-Photo

    Really cool idea!

  • Zak Henry

    ~11 photos a day? There doesn’t seem to be night bands


    Impresive !

  • Anonymous

    I wouldn’t imagine they’re evenly spaced

  • Hdada

    What about some auto-exposure mode?

  • Adam Daly

    Wow now that’s commitment!

  • Employtim

    It’s a shame it looks like something you can do in Photoshop with two images in a couple hours.