Siri Ported to the Canon 5D Mark II?

A Swedish hacker and robotics student named Björn Mabrö is claiming that he has successfully developed a custom firmware for the Canon 5D Mark II that adds Apple’s Siri voice assistant to the DSLR. Mabrö claims that the hack allows the camera to respond to 124 different voice commands that control everything from the shutter to changing values in settings.

So far Siri has only been ported to jailbroken iOS devices, so this is probably some kind of joke or hoax. Voice controls on future cameras would certainly be an interesting development though… “Camera, change my ISO to 1600. Shoot, NOW.”

(via @BjornMabro via Quesabesde via TecnoFotografia)

Update: Apparently today is “día de los Santos Inocentes“, the “Day of the Holy Innocents”, and the equivalent of April Fools Day in many countries.

Update: Yup. It was a joke for día de los Santos Inocentes.

Image credits: Photographs by Björn Mabrö

  • Anonymous

    I think the appropriate term is LOL.

  • rye juan

    siri, hand over that 70-200 2.8L please

  • Scott Mains

    I’m pretty sure that is what an art director does any way, they belt out orders and the photographer will blur the background… or just blur the shot. At this rate, a photographer is cheaper and easier to enable than getting a siri hack. 

  • Rick Bennett

    I hope he’s better at hacking than photoshopping.

  • Thomas Valenzuela

    of course it’s a joke…

  • VZ

    As much as I enjoy the joke, I feel that I must tell you that 28 december is the “dia de los inocentes” in Spain, the equivalent of April Fool’s Day in the anglosaxon world. 

  • guess

    LOL photoshop

  • Steven Alan Worster

    I feel like I could change the setting faster manually than I could talk them…

  • Waleed Alzuhair

    It’s not April 1st, yet :)

  • 9inchnail

    Looks legit, I want one. What? You’re saying this is not the real deal?


  • Darren Gorton

    haha ! love this .. if it was so simple ! great idea.

  • tatyana skymyrka

    I’d love to see v2 that responds to “remove the lens cap” command

  • Jostein Roalkvam

    Blerh, let’s hope that Apple won’t infest the camera market with it’s garbage too.

  • Intel_908

    1.Siri is connected with apple’s servers.
    2.Lame photoshop.Fake.

  • b2theaker

    God 3G enabled camera…duh

  • Anonymous

    Was anyone stupid enough to actually fall for this?

  • Manga

    Kinda sad it’s a hoax… this could probably be interesting for people with physical disabilities.

  • Fedil

    Pretty awesome prank! I definitely wish my 5D Mark II had Siri though. That would make changing settings so much easier LOL

  • Sebastián Soto

    It looks so photoshopped I almost feel ashamed for PetaPixel.