Portraits of Online Gamers Next to Their Alter Egos

For his project Alter Ego, photographer Robbie Cooper traveled around the world to shoot portraits of online gamers. He then combined his portraits with screenshots of the gamers’ avatars in the various games they play, showing an interesting side-by-side comparison of what the people look like in the real world compared to what they choose to look like in their fantasy worlds. The project got its start back in 2003 after Cooper did a shoot with a CEO who used the game Everquest to communicate with his children after getting divorced.

The project has also been turned into a book. Check out the rest of the series over on Cooper’s website.

(via Flavorwire)

Image credits: Photographs by Robbie Cooper and used with permission

  • ZGPhoto

    Good thing he has the character gimmick going for him, because those aren’t great portraits…

  • Dmitri

    Jokes aside, it’s quite amazing how those people choose characters that look like themselves (personality-wise). On the other hand, it’s not so amazing, and two of the dudes choose to have themselves posed as chicks. 

  • Sam Wallace

    Feel bad for the guy with the breathing machine, but it’s good to see they have a hobby. Need to keep these folks in our prayers.

  • dcfemella

    These are great. I especially like the one of the parapalegic boy and his alter ego

  • Sebastián Soto

    The last one is very creepy.

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  • Michael Rasmussen

    The text option with each photo pair reveals some fascinating information, be sure to check it out.

  • 9inchnail

    What a surprise, all Japanese are closet pedophiles. Who would have known…

  • Cerxi

    To be fair to the last guy, every Elementalist in Guild Wars is jailbait. There’s no escaping it, it’s built into the game. There are no body models that aren’t paragons of youthful beauty, and your “armour” choices come down to A) miniskirts, B) nightgowns, C) lingerie, or D) some combination of the thre.

  • kendon

    does anyone ever check flagged posts around here?

  • kendon

    what a surprise, 9inchnail is a gigantic moron. who would have known…

  • Justin Niespodzianski

    I feel like this project is so close to being great for me. I wish he would of shot the gamers in the places where they play their games. See them in that place where they really become their avatar. Dramatic portraits with their gaming stations as the background.

  • Leo Dos Reis

    Gaming like movies are great escape, as long as the fantasies stay in the fantasy world, who are they harming? Like sex and role-playing I think it’s healthy
    Leo Dos Reis

  • BeerRules

    Last guy char is not from GW is from LII, he says more people buy from his girl char than from his male char, he has collected around $15k on game money according to the exchange rate of gold:$