Photographer Collects Photographs of Identical Twins

Diane Arbus might have one iconic photograph of identical twins, but Spanish photographer Maria Zarazua has devoted much of her career to finding and photographing them. Her goal is to show the intimate relationship between them, and their individualities despite being genetic carbon copies.

Parte De Ti (via Xatakafoto)

Image credits: Photographs by Maria Zarazua and used with permission

  • Sam Cornwell

    Another similar project to this was started in 1939 and ran for about half a decade.

  • Marcelo Metayer

    The Argentine photographer Gaby Messina made a similar project some years ago, called “Soul Twins” (“Almas gemelas”, in Spanish)¬†

  • Danii Orjuela’

    the unique that i see very good is the older bro’s…. others, there many different betwen them.