How Not to Shoot School Portraits

Here’s a cute and funny little short by filmmaker Nick Scott about school portraits, children, life and innocence.

  • Spider- Man

    is your mum single? LOL

  • Nick Scott
  • Barbara Fischer

    what an ugly backdrop.

  • Anonymous

    “just say crisis…”

  • Mbenavides

    Nice video..and it has a mamiya c330 on it. :)

  • Anonymous

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  • Michael Berliner

    I’m the producer. We couldn’t find one ugly enough to buy, so we hand-stained it the night before using a bed sheet :P

  • Chasstaf

    That was well done and funny. . . 

  • Mohammed

    Superbly funny !! i liked the idea!!

  • Zsofin Sheehy

    we actually had a photo backdrop like that for our school

  • maz

    I’ve actually been not shooting school portraits for my whole life! great how-to!

  • hitesh

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    i m interested national g. photography join