Trippy Photos Shot From Inside a Box Made of Mirrors

These photos might look like they were computer generated, but they’re actually unmodified photographs. Ron Brinkmann took 6 mirror tiles and made a box with them with the help of some duct tape. He then placed a camera inside and triggered shots using the timer.

Here’s what the box looks like (the sixth tile is used as the lid):

You can find more of these photos in this Flickr set. Someone should take this idea to the next level by making a mirror box that’s big enough for a photographer to fit inside.

MirrorBox (via Digital Composting via Photojojo)

  • Kyoshibecker

    I’ve tried this several times (it’s way harder than it looks)

  • Jeff Economy

    Robert Fripp and Brian Eno also thought it’d be cool — back in 1973:

  • Nate Zimmer

    The Camera Obscura in Edinburgh Scotland has some mirrored rooms like this.

  • Albert
  • Katrin

    Swarovski has built a diamond-shaped room with all surfaces covered in mirror – so you can feel what it’s like to be “inside of a diamond” – at their museum “Kristallwelten” near Innsbruck, Austria ( Looks about like this: / .

  • DW

    It’s a TARDIS… Smaller on the outside.

  • Kirara Ng

    In the Alive Museum in Singapore, there’s a mirror room with disco lights. Trippy.