Quickly Look up Development Times with the Film Development Database

Knowing how long to develop film for is easy if you use popular films and developers, but what if you want to use some obscure combination that isn’t well documented? If that’s you, check out the Photocritic Film Development Database. It’s a simple service that outputs development times for 1440 different film/developer combinations. For combinations that aren’t officially published, creator Haje Jan Kamps has come with a formula that estimates the time — a formula that he says is surprisingly accurate.

Photocritic Film Development Database (via Pixiq)

Update: Digitaltruth also has a massive film development database/chart.

  • Graham Case

    The massive dev chart from Digital Truth ( is pretty expansive, too. The one advantage of this (new) one is that it will “guess” a development time based on it’s knowledge of the film/developer combinations it knows, which is neat.

    All it needs is an iPhone app, like the massive dev chart, and it’ll be really handy!

  • John Milleker

    It’s nice to have another contender but (yeah, crazy name for a film development database) has over 60 film types and 100 developer types. The match-ups even include times for pushing and pulling and users are encouraged to add notes about the results.

    DT is also nice enough to include a massive compilation of developer and chemical recipes for us DIY types.

    Film developing is much more than plunking in a developer and a film and getting a time back but I praise their progress and encourage them to continue to develop the app.

  • Anonymous

    It usually takes my firewire 800 reader about 1m30 to 3m to pull the images from cards.  Then lightroom take another 3-4m to develop them.

    So, would be great if this list has formulas for quicker development, especially if it won’t affect the image quality.

  • Jostein Roalkvam

    HE. HE.