People with the Fish They Look Like

Evolution is a series of photographs by photographer Ted Sabarese showing people with fish they resemble.

(via kottke)

  • Aus_Guy

    Hahahahha fricken awesome!

  • Dave

    This guys website is worth a look

  • Mario Groleau

    On aura tout vu!

  • Valla

    No foto of sarah jessica parker with a seahorse?

  • Thumper

    Wow. Original.

  • Rebecca Pizzo

    Very creative work.  How long did it take to complete your project?   How did you find your models?  I really like your idea…. so Original !!

  • Mike

    where’s Jackie Chan with an Asian Carp?

  • A_valid_email

    This is stupid.

  • Another_valid_email

    weirdness, besides the dark freckled girl none of them look like the fish, and I’m pretty sure the top one is photo altered. People like fish, pfft



  • Grey Knight

    …or Ted Danson with a mahi mahi.