Lens Dial Case for iPhoneographers Packs Three Different Lenses

Just days after Holga announced a new iPhone case with 9 lens filters in a rotary dial, a new challenger emerges: the iPhone Lens Dial. Compared to the Holga case, it’s much more professional looking — but equally as bizarre. The oversized dial packs three different lenses (wide angle, fisheye, and telephoto) into one aircraft-grade aluminum case. The price is prohibitive to all but the most obsessed iPhoneographers though: each case costs a cool $249.

The iPhone Lens Dial [Photojojo]

  • Anonymous

    Urgh.  Or better spend the money on a crappy compact camera and get better quality photos!

  • Anonymous

    Is that a joke? It is not April 1st yet.

  • kendon

    i want the fisheye lens. only the lens, to stick to my phone.

  • Thenka

    You know,they make real lenses for real cameras at cheaper prices….