A Simple Bookmarklet for Finding Copyright Infringements of Your Photos

Src Img is an uber-simple bookmarklet created by Jarred Bishop and Hayden Hunter that lets you quickly do a Google Image search for any online photograph with just two clicks. It’s a simple link (i.e. bookmarklet) that you drag into the bookmarks bar of your browser. Whenever you want to search Google Images for a particular photograph, simply click the bookmarklet. It’ll overlay all the photos on the page with a “?¿” square. Click this to search for that photo. Voila!

Src Img (via dvafoto)

  • Patrick Ahles

    It does not seem to work on Flickr…

  • Michael Zhang

    Hmmm… It’s probably because Flickr doesn’t display photos with a standard tag

  • Duncan

    I used it from within google images by doing an ego search in google images and then running the bookmarklet. Worked good, I found several pages that used my photos without links or credit. 

  • ★★★ Tam Nguyen ★★★

    And this is different from Google Image Search how?

  • Daan Vos de Wael

    if you are using google chrome, you can use google’s own extension to right click directly on an image.

  • kendon

    it isn’t different, it just makes it easier to search for images. gotta admit that two clicks is easier than manually uploading images to google.

    doesn’t work too well for me either, it finds exactly three images on my dropbox gallery on the first page, on the second page where there are five images it says it couldn’t find any image files…

  • Einstein Espinal

    thanks Daan… I don’t care how cool the bookmarklet is, you’re not going to get me back using IE

  • skron

    Works on Flickr now. Also works with Firefox.