How Quickly a Camera Bag Can Be Stolen

If you’re ever sitting down in a public place with your camera bag, having it close by isn’t enough to protect it from theft — you need to make sure it can’t be easily snatched. Tom Bird of the UK learned this the hard way: he was at a pub recently when his camera bag suddenly disappeared. It’s contents? Just thousands of dollars worth of gear including a Canon 5D Mark II, a 24-70mm f/2.8, a 50mm f/1.2, a 16-35mm f/2.8 and a laptop.

After finding that his bag had gone missing, Bird quickly requested the security camera footage from the bar, which provided it immediately. Lo and behold, the thief could be seen entering the bar, picking up the bag (after some scouting and sitting down next to it), and making a quick escape:

Unfortunately for Bird, the police later informed him that they wouldn’t be taking up the case because the security camera footage was too poor.

If you can’t have your eye on your bag, make sure you at least have your leg hooked around the strap. It’ll prevent someone from walking off with it, and will hopefully alert you if anyone tries to open it up.

(via Tom Bird via Pixiq)

  • Markus WET-Photography

    Similar thing happened to me @ a train. Check out the post with some tips to protect your gear from theft: :-/

  • Jsantos

    Why was your bag on the floor quite a ways away BEHIND you?

  • Dave Dwyer

    “the police later informed him that they wouldn’t be taking up the case because the security camera footage was too poor” –  Well upgrade the damn cameras! What’s the point of them otherwise?

  • Michael Thompson

    Dear oh dear. Always keep the bag with you. Always. 

    On a separate note, I hope the owner of that CCTV system had permission from everyone to give the footage out, and you had permission from everyone to post it. 

  • Darryl

    Sorry to “see” and hear about your loss Tom, Funy thing is I can see the git clear as day,
    Cops just don’t want to bother with it, Now if this git fondle your 12 year old daughter I’m sure they could identify him from this footage, I guess cops have to many crimes to solve as it is.

    Wishing you better luck in the New Year Tom!

  • luis

    Even strapping the bag on your leg or chair isn’t really much more secure. Just a bit, but not by much. You’d be surprised how fast a pro can unhook the straps from the bag without you noticing.

  • Studio

    Never mind the bag, WTF is a Git?

  • Nigel

    No personal responsibility of the bag owner to look after his/her own property. What do think is going to happen if you leave a bag like that sitting on its own?

    Before you jump down my throat, I am not defending the actions of the git, he is a piece of crap for taking something that doesn’t being to him.

  • Xavier Luna

    an idiot, morron, troublesome person if you like, really brit slang.

  • Tran-Shawn Yu

    ahh, the wonders of insurance…. and not turning your back to your camera bag. 

  • Kafka

    Mine got stolen too, but at London Victoria. Turned around to talk to a friend, looked up and it’s gone.

  • Guest

    WOW. I’m sorry if child molestation would take precedence over camera equipment that the owner didn’t pay enough attention to.

  • Tony Zelenoff

    Often photo bags can be easily latched to chair where it lays. And when somebody try to snitch it – he will snitch the chair too with loud noise. :)

  • Brooklyn Photographer

    Soo shifty looking. Irritating how people “operate”

  • Security systems Colorado

    thanks for sharing your experience with us and defining a exact reason as to why a camera is needed as such places ! it was also an awareness to keep your belongings  safe!

  • Dannynoonan82

    How disappointed was the thief when he got home and found a Canon in there?

  • Mmoran

    I always have the bag leaning against my leg so it can’t be taken without my knowing it. Lotta good that does you now though! Better luck in the future!

  • Rick Bennett

    google define:git

  • Rick Bennett

    Wait, seriously? Who leaves that much kit unattended in a bar? The guy
    who stole the bag is labeled a git, but it isn’t at all clear from the
    footage who the owner was. Sure people shouldn’t steal stuff and the git
    is a git. But the former owner is a dumb-ass. This is like leaving a
    $100 note on the curb, walking away, then saying “See how easily your
    money can be stolen.” Duh!

  • Sarduck
  • Anonymous

    And did the insurance pay it off? 

  • Raphael

    Sadly the most part of the security cameras in the worlds isn’t that good! Maybe they could have found more in the video using FIVE software :)

  • Richard Ford

     It’s a public place with no reasonable expectation of privacy.

    “Rolls eyes”

  • Son2054

    It is no way to avoid this situation once you’ve been targeted and followed!
    Get a proper insurance. In my case, luckily my house insurance covered all the items in the bag

  • ak1m0t0

    that fuckn suuuucks. it is the owners fault and the cops are just careless these days.