X-ray Image of a Nikon Photographer

Photographer Nick Veasey created this amazing X-ray image of a Nikon photographer for the Focus on Imaging 2010 catalog cover. It’s a composite, with the image of the camera itself requiring 12 separate X-rays.

Here’s a behind-the-scenes video that gives a glimpse into how it was made:

Image credit: Photograph by Nick Veasey

  • Imlucid

    Why does the mouse over tag say “OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA”?

  • TheNakedPhotographer

    Too bad dude is holding the camera wrong

  • Michael Zhang

    Got that changed. Had to do with the metadata and our upload system.

  • Rschulzfam

    excessive radiation exposure :(

  • Flgraphics

    my first thought as well

  • Guest

    To the camera or to the person?

  • Alex Braman

    poor  camera

  • Jostein Roalkvam

    Why does people with vertical grips never use it properly? It’s so awkward holding the camera with the “horizontal grip” when composing vertically…

  • braiden saylor

    As a photographer and an x-ray technologist this is the perfect picture for me. If only it were Canon because I shoot Canon Cameras and use Canon X-ray plates at work. 

  • bonka

    So it was just a fake. Ok.

  • Sebastián Soto

    He looks happy.

  • Evo_1092

    Yeah. xray doses should be as low as reasonably achievable.. but these pics are great!

  • kendon

     kinda destroys the image for me. too bad, the idea is really nice.

  • Radu Dumitrescu

    “Wrong”? :) Since how holding the camera can be split into right or wrong? You can hold it with one hand while scratching your head with the other and it would still be right if you get a good picture.

    Replace the word “camera” with “paintbrush”. Did Van Gogh hold the paintbrush right? Or did Matisse? It’s even funnier with “pen”.