12-Year-Old Becomes Youngest to Earn Royal Photographic Society Distinction

12-year-old Sam Kaye of Radlett, Hertfordshire, UK has become the youngest person ever to earn a distinguished membership to the Royal Photographic Society, the world’s oldest photographic society. Kaye became a Licentiate of the RPS by submitting ten of his photographs anonymously to a panel of judges, who were shocked to learn of his age after awarding him with the distinction.

Many of the photographs in his portfolio were captured during a family vacation to South Africa. Here’s a few of the images that won him the distinction:

Back in 2010, Kaye also won the Royal Horticultural Society’s “Young Photographer of the Year” award. He first ventured into photography at the age of six, and hopes to become a professional photographer once he’s all grown up.

(via Daily Mail via NPhoto)

Image credits: Photographs by Sam Kaye

  • Henryyoungt

    rich kid

  • Joseph

    I suspect we will be seeing more of his work in the years ahead

  • Kb

    so he want on a safari trip?

  • rj

    only because he has enough money to travel to natural environments like this, i  promise you if i was sent on a trip somewhere half way across the world to take photos, i would return with some great shots, much better than this. too bad my shitty land of nothing city holds me back

  • Dirtbagtony

    your shitty land of nothing city has more photographic opportunity’s than a little safari trip, open your eyes fool   

  • JulieQ

    bitter much? just because you can’t find a nice subject AROUND you you don’t have to bash the work of anyone. 

    *slaps you* 

  • as_if

    The others are right. No need to diss on the kid. You can pretty much find an interesting image anywhere, any time. You just need to able to find it, frame it and shoot it. If you weren’t able to find an interesting shot in your shitty city so far, how are you going to know your going to make an image while on safari. True you might get some shots but they will just look like point&shoot snaps shots if you haven’t spent the time practicing making stupid things look amazing.
    Next time your out enjoying the fall colors, REMOVE your lens cap and shoot something.

    Remember while your complaining about location and gear your competition, in this case a 12 year old, is out practicing and making images.

  • rj

    of course i understand what youre saying, i make do for what i have as of now, but for instance how do i compete with someone that lives in japan or pairs? yes you can create great images from anywhere on the planet, but there truly is a limit to each spot 

  • Erik Lauri Kulo

    There’s not a limit, there’s different working methods for each spot though. As an example, I live in a smal industrial town in Sweden and there are not a lot of people walking around. I have not taken a single good street photograph in this town – because it’s not that kind of town. But I’ve been doing the kind of photography that this town allows, such as photographing abandoned industries, nature and so on.

  • Nada

    Kids need to be encouraged to do such amazing stuff, stop dissing the boy. It is a great achievement, and he earned it, not least for his courage to enter the competition. Well done, an example to young people around the world that believing in themselves pays. Congratulations!

  • Guest

    absolutely stunning for a 12 year old. granted, I’ve never ever seen a 12 year old who can afford more than a point-and-shoot, or up-close encounters with less than typical subject material.

    at least you know he can afford to become a professional photographer when he grows up :D

  • Guest

    I would have to mention though, subject material that is already more unique and less accessible, doesn’t take much effort to look good. replace that elephant with a dog in a lawn and it’s a decent photo, but not the same as an elephant. little details in everyday life are beautiful and fascinating, but can be overdone so people are more desensitized to them.

  • guest

    rich parents. auto settings.

  • Phil Johnston

    Some real jealous folk here! Good on him!

  • Phil Johnston

    I do not live in the exotics and i have a wealth of subject matter! Open your eyes to whats around instead of spouting off about this kids work!

  • Marnie

    ha ha.  Everyone tells me my camera takes great pictures.  I think it is my eye and skill.  I shoot fully manual and I get occasional fabulous shots of people.  People are everywhere and you can get them fighting or splashing just as easily.  The issue is, the skill and the emotion and the eye.  Not merely the content.  So suck it up and find some great pictures where you live!