Beautiful Time-Lapse of Tokyo Set to the Blade Runner Soundtrack

Photographer Samuel Cockedey spent a year photographing the Shinjuku area of Tokyo, Japan using his Canon 5D Mark II, and then created a time-lapse video set to music from the sci-fi film Blade Runner. Titled “Android Dreams”, the time-lapse is both a fitting tribute to Blade Runner and a beautiful portrait of Tokyo at night.

(via Laughing Squid)

  • Pete Boyd


  • Tharumi

    Man, we got fed up with these time-lapse, light painting, northern lights and instagram stuff.


    The video is quite nice, but could have been edited more strategically to the nuisances of the changing notes of the music. 

    Also, it would have been great to credit Vangelis in the above description (as seen on the end credits of the video).  Vangelis is a remarkably masterful composer who is also quite under-rated. 

  • Anonymous

    As much as I love Blade Runner, I felt this really didn’t do it justice… 

    I appreciate the dedication that went into making the video, but it really didn’t come off as a year’s worth of work.

  • Michael


  • Steve

    I love timelapse and this one is great but the blade runner soundtrack just doesn’t work.  I’m sure it would be much better with a music track that fits the visuals.

  • Anonymous