The Amazing Light Painting Photography of Brian Hart

Artist Brian Hart creates amazingly detailed light painting photographs, sometimes spending nearly 20 minutes exposing a single one. The above photo, titled “apartment light drawing”, took 17 minutes to draw.

‘how to stand’, 10 minutes:

‘dena lying languidly while I stand with lamp’, 12 minutes:

‘absurdist portrait of dena with umbrella and bike’, 12.5 minutes:

‘dark water’, composed of 80 individual photos:

You can find more of Hart’s work here.

Brian Hart Photos (via Wooster via Colossal)

  • Graham Case

    That last one is truly remarkable.

  • Sweat Spices

    Very intriguing indeed.

  • Hburger

    The last one: just WOW.

  • Jacqueline

    these are incredible….i’m inspired!!!

  • Anonymous

    love the absurdist portrait, but seriously mind blowing on the last one.

  • Ranger 9

    Wow, 20 whole minutes?!? That’s, like, almost as long as that Michelangelo dude spent tagging the ceiling of the Cistine Chapel, isn’t it?

  • Rosemarie

    Wonderful, I only wish I knew how to do it!

  • Nasser Niroumandi

    I can too, …. its very¬†enjoyable…

  • Halibut

    My mind.

    It’s blown.

  • wwwald

    But but but… HOW?

  • Sebastian Merchel

    Try light painting yourself using your WEBCAM to capture images. You could also use your mobile phone as light source: =)

  • Mypellia

    I’m still thinking how Brian actually remember where to start new or continue from where the last light strokes he ends when switching lights of colours.
    Amazing and creative! Cool