Flickr May Soon Be Owned by Microsoft

After being spurned back in early 2008, Microsoft is supposedly on the hunt to acquire Yahoo once again. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Microsoft is working on putting a bid together with Silver Lake Partners, the company that Microsoft recently purchased Skype from. If the buyout succeeds this time, Microsoft will also become the owner of Flickr, which Yahoo purchased six years ago.

In other news, Google recently revealed that 3.4 billion photos have been uploaded to Google+ in the past 100 days. Seems like the service is becoming a popular option for photo sharing.

(via WSJ via Mashable)

  • Through Painted Eyes

    I swear I JUST read an article that said they were relieved they didn’t purchase Yahoo. wth.

  • Michael Zhang

    No, you’re right: they ARE relieved ( They were trying to buy Yahoo for nearly $45 billion. The price now would be much, much less than that, so they definitely dodged a bullet :)

  • Brian Friend

    Flickr needs a good home. Not sure where it would be, but I don’t think Yahoo or Microsoft is it. 

  • Sebastian Oliva


  • Benny_0924

    please somebody… don’t let this happened… flickr should be owned by apple… NOT MICROSHIT…. :)

  • Anonymous

    You are an idiot.

  • Alessandro Casagli

    It will probably make it better and start to listen to its users.

  • Faizal Rahman

    Flickr need to be independent like before Yahoo acquisition. 

  • Miyuki

    You -do- realize you’re talking about the company that gave the world Windows Vista, right?

  • Alessandro Casagli

    Trust me, I know how much crap Microsoft brought to the computer world. That’s the first reason of why I’m using a Mac. But I think that lately Microsoft it’s starting to get its shit together, and “maybe” we can get an improvement from the actual sleepiness that we get from Yahoo. (I do not even conceive how yahoo is still in business nowadays, somebody can explain me?)

  • Nparker8

    seems like indeed-

  • Through Painted Eyes

    Your link is dead so for reference, here’s the article I was talking about –

    I wonder what the price would be today…

  • White Hot Phoenix

    They rank highly in the 45-70 market and for people with low credit scores.

  • Vitaly Falco


  • Steve

    Bill Gates owns Corbis, the big rival of Getty, who have a deal to sell selected flickr photos.  It could be interesting if Microsoft end up owning flickr.

  • Benny_0924

    then you are stupid.

  • Mrbeard

    would be interesting to see how many individual users actually still use flickr, i’ve noticed in the last 3 months a sharp decline in my contacts uploads

  • Rogue

    If this happens, they’ll see a sudden upsurge in their upstream bandwidth usage as a significant number of members bulk-download their photos to free them from Flickr’s clutches. I certainly will. Microsoft have a track record of making mostly bad software and ignoring their users.

  • Digicana

    I suspect that would be the end of Getty / Flickr. (And perhaps the start of Flickr / Corbis?)

  • Wing Wong

    MS owning Flickr = evac’ing of images from Flickr. Got accounts with several other photo sharing services, Flickr is NOT  the only or even the best game in town. Guess I need to do some download and purge soon, just in case. Also better make sure what I do have uploaded is watermarked.

  • Mr. T in DC

    Well, it might not be so bad, at least Microsoft is more stable and financially secure than Yahoo. Perhaps it will be for the best. I hope Flickr stays around a long, long time. There are other site out there, but I love Flickr and think of it not only as an online repository for my photos, but as a real online community.

  • leno brookins

    Fuck Apple 

  • UhOh

    I’m not thrilled by this development. Anybody care to suggest a good alternative?