The Basics of Google+: 10 Tips to Help Photographers

Google+ is becoming pretty popular among photographers as a way to share work and connect with others. If you’ve been thinking about jumping in but don’t know where to begin, Scott Kelby and Co. made this helpful (and free) hour-long primer with tips on how to use the service effectively.

Here’s the second part in which they talk with some of the most popular photographers on the service:

  • Michael Rasmussen

    They indicate the ability to drag and drop an entire group of images into a G+ album.  Yay!  But they warn you that you can’t rearrange the images after they’re uploaded.  

    Good to know it isn’t so…

    Every G+ album is also a Picasa album.  Open it in Picasaweb, click the “Organize” link and drag the images around until the sequence is just how you want them.

    This, incidentally, also applies to the row of five images that appear at the top of your profile page.  Those are stored in a Picasaweb album called “Scrapbook Photos”.  You can have more than five in the album, but only the first five will display in the order of their appearance in the album.

    Another tip:  At the top of the Picasaweb Albums page there is a link:  “View My: Public Gallery”.  Use that to ensure you’ll set sharing permissions correctly and aren’t showing the world more than you intend to.

  • bogorad

    They mention setting the size to 1200 pixels. But 1000pix pictures are *free* – google doesn’t count those towards your size limit!