Portraits of Loving Pets with Disabilities

Photographer Carli Davidson — now Internet-famous for her portraits of dogs shaking off water — has a heartwarming project titled Pets with Disabilities in which she uses portraits to tell the stories of happy dogs that have various handicaps. For the photo above:

(Corgi) Duncan has a spinal disorder that many corgis are prone to. Even though he can’t use his hind legs he is still extremely active. He throws toys across the room for himself to fetch, and his favorite treat is whipped cream.

(Pug and Chihuahua) Diego, the blind Chihuahua and Buddy Nixon. Diego uses Buddy as a seeing eye dog by following the tapping of his nails as he walks around new environments.

(Black Chihuahua) Inky is a Chihuahua that was rescued from a hoarder. Despite his early abuse he is incredibly good-natured and loving, and is even used as a therapy dog.

(Poodle) Ramen Noodle lost both of his arms in separate accidents before he was two years old. Only three weeks after losing the second arm he was up and running on his hind legs. He also has a front wheelchair to get around outdoors, but prefers to walk on his own.

(French bulldog) Little Man Rue is paralyzed from the waist down due to a spinal disorder. He is a very active and happy dog nonetheless. Little Man lives with his owner and another French bulldog, Sweet Pea.

You can find more of Davidson’s work through her website, Twitter account, or Facebook page.

Pets with Disabilities (via My Modern Met)

Image credits: Photographs by Carli Davidson and used with permission

  • Angel O

    Sweet! Love the spirit of these dogs.

  • angelica

    how cute… touch of heart… lovely doggies..

  • Graysmith

    My reaction scrolling down this post:






  • lightchild

    To think what the world would be missing out on if these dogs had been “put to sleep.”

  • Ddourlaris

    these dogs have the heart they can tell humans a few things about spirit!!!!!   love this

  • Richard

    Independent of the heart rendering poses, they’re excellent pet portraits. Thanks for posting this.

  • KittyCatNetwork

    So inspiring!  What beautiful creatures! 

  • MaryLynn

    LOVE THEM ALL! Beautiful animals and portraits!

  • Erika Callahan

    I needed this bit of cheer today.  I know how dedicated and loyal my old, arthritic dogs were in their late years, but they were never far from my side wherever I went.  I guess as an old, arthritic ‘dog’ myself, I could relate.  Dogs do not swell on the past, they simply are focused on the present – especially if food is involved. :-)

  • Sarah Brennan

    I am so glad that they are happy and healthy now. Such good animals, they didn’t deserve to be hurt, nor do any animals. They are innocent creatures.

  • G2td2006

    I have a disabled dog who uses a wheelchair. She ruptured her two discs when she was 3 years old. Now she is partially paralyzed but in no pain, happy and loving life. I even have small skis I put on the wheels of her chair when it snows. She went 2 blocks today and loved every minute of it. She is also a certified therapy dog, which means she goes into schools, libraries, hospitals and rehab centers.

  • Falling

    Thank you for all that you did. You saved a life, and you are a hero, to me, and certainly to your lovely and lucky pooch!

  • Falling

    Thank you for taking these wonderful photos. It might be partially because I am a human with physical disabilities caused by abuse, but my heart always goes out to animals who were mistreated, or those who were born without the ability to have a good life on their own, (like the bulldog with the spine condition from birth). It is a beautiful thing to see this kindness and compassion for these amazing creatures, and the wheelchairs are truly ingenious designs! :)