Behind the Scenes with a Professional Facebook Profile Pic Photographer

If you’ve ever wondered how Facebook profile pictures come about — and why so many of them look so similar — check out this behind-the-scenes video with professional Facebook photographer Nickolas Grisham. He specializes in everything from duckface to Photobooth portraits for couples, and is famous for his “modern Facebook expressionism”.

Update: Commenters have pointed out that a similar Myspace photographer video made the rounds back in 2006.

  • icie

    I think that is a joke/parody video.

  • Matty

    Ummm…this is kinda stupid. 

  • Sam Whited

    Wow, for a second I honestly thought this was serious.

  • Itai

    definitely a joke!

  • Rex

    Kind of sad, this was done before by someone else, this is pretty much a stright rip off of the first one, just not as good.

  • hansolo669

    gotta say…pretty win :P

    though if this is serious….i want his adress and a ton of tnt…no make that two tons of tnt :P

  • Andrew

    I can’t believe anyone is even questioning that this isn’t a joke.

    And yes, been done before… December 2006 –

  • julie

    I thought the same thing.  

  • ohno studio

    Sorry but the terms Facebook and Professional are mutually exclusive.

  • Manotch Pacheerat

    in this case >>> Photographer = idiot

  • Aus_Guy


  • Aus_Guy

    Lighten up everybody. Laugh for crying out loud?

  • kombizz

    what a stupid young man – photography is an art not like this!

  • Guest

    What happen to this site?

  • Rodger Obley

    hah… haha. hah ..ha ha haah

  • Dirk

    The original is way better. They stole the idea, the storyline and even the jokes.

  • noss

    “modern Facebook expressionism” = cultural deepness

  • Anonymous


  • Guest

    Agreed. They stole the best jokes and couldn’t even pull them off. At the very least, they could link the original.

  • Please Stop

    It’s better to post nothing than to post garbage

  • Not Impressed

    Um, Sheffield Quigley did this WAY back in 2006. LOL. Lame-O

  • akshayjamwal

    “Modern Facebook Expressionism”… hahaha