3D Photo Sculptures of People Made with Hundreds of Prints

Korean artist Gwon Osang makes creative photo sculptures by photographing subjects, making hundreds of prints, and then plastering the photos onto a styrofoam sculture. Photographing the body takes up to half a day to complete, and Osang carves the sculptures himself since his background is in sculpture rather than photography. Each piece takes one to two months to complete.

You can check out more photo sculptures by Osang by visiting his website.

Gwon Osang (via Colossal)

  • Christian Rudman

    Looks like the disguises worn in A Scanner Darkly. Cool idea!

  • Wing Wong

    Very very creepy… and given the glossy look, it looks like everyone has a bag over them… shrink wrapped people…¬†

  • Michael


  • Sebasti√°n Soto

    Creepiest idea related to photography I’ve seen ever.

  • Flower3359

    Something about them remind me of Sims. Very awesome though