Quickly Track Packages by Googling the Tracking Number

Here’s a neat productivity tip for those of you who regularly buy stuff online (e.g. obsessive photo gear buyers): you can track most packages by simply searching for the tracking number with Google! The search engine automatically figures out which service the number belongs to, and provides you with a direct link to the droids page you’re looking for. Since some shipping companies don’t have bookmarkable tracking pages, this tip can help you avoid having to go through those companies’ websites.

(via Lifehacker)

  • Spider- Man

    If you have gmail and a tracking number is sent to you the link to track it is always on the right…

  • Chris Szulwach

    For real?  Didn’t Google start doing this like 5 or 6 years ago?

  • Dennis Marciniak

    Here are all the Google “Search Features”:

  • Hgernhardtjr

    I’ve used this feature for some time now, but find USPS tracking a joke.  Rarely, if ever, does it “track”, and when it does it is AFTER the package is delivered.  UPS, FedEx, etc. provide regular updates from the time it is received at the sending end to the time it is “out on truck for delivery”, and within seconds after delivery it’s status is updated online.  Not the US Postal Service … no wonder it is failing when they cannot provide a tracking service that works as good as the others.  And that’s truly a shame …