Google to Ax Photovine and Pool Party

Well, that was fast. Just a week after opening up its Photovine photo sharing app to the public, Google is now planning to kill it off, along with its second — and not-yet-launched — app Pool Party. Google is planning to focus its photo-sharing efforts on Google+, and will be shutting down Slide, the company behind the apps, which Google acquired last August for $200 million. The Slide employees were developing the apps independently, which explains why they were being made for iOS initially and not Google’s Android. If you’ve already begun using Photovine, you’ll have a few months to preserve your data from the service before it’s shuttered.

(via VentureBeat)

Image credit: Trash bin by Omarukai

  • Anonymous

    You can do that? Just spank $200mil and think… Nah. that ain’t workin’

    Y’all terrify me. You could save lives with $200mil.

  • Anonymous

    What the hell!? Photovine is awesome!

  • Bob Watson

    It’s not that Google wanted the service – they probably just wanted technology to bundle into their other services without worry about patent claims.

  • Mauricio Matos


  • Mauricio Matos


  • Joshua K

    Makes sense to me. Put the features into Google+ and consolidate it. They have too many little projects that overlap but not integrate. Why do I need to have 5 different sites and re-add all my people and download multiple apps…

  • Michael

    Awsome, I am glad to hear to no more photovine!

  • Anonymous

    Dear Eric Schmidt
    Before your next bout of finger wagging and lamentation of the glory days of Victoriana.  Why not take some of those loose millions and put them into building schools and training teachers for the poorest areas of North America.

    While I’m aware Black people terrify you and probably call you a nerd or dork. That’s where your advice and money would be best served.


    Google’s real names policy is utter ring.