Make Photoshop Faster by Turning Off Image Previews

Here’s a quick tip for making Photoshop faster: change Preferences->File Handling->Image Previews to Never Save. This keeps image preview data from being stored in the file every time you save, and gives you smaller files for uploading to the web!

Make Photoshop Faster (via Photojojo)

  • Steve-0

    another way to give it that little bit more edge i think is to also allow photoshop to use more memory then usualy set.

    i gave it 2300MB ram memory for maximum while the usual setting was a maximum of 1700, quite a big improvement i guess.

    specialy with newer computers having easily over 4Gb of ram memory.

  • Matt

    Please, tell how.

  • Chad Warden

    Hi Matt. You do it by simply going to the Menu of Photoshop by holding Ctrl+K and then go to Performance Tab. There you click and drag on the bar showing your max RAM you can give access to Photo Shop..