The Psychology of Wedding Photography

Here’s a short and sweet video in which famed wedding photographer Joe Buissink shares some advice regarding the “psychology” of wedding photography, or how to capture genuine emotions and expressions on camera. The tips he shares are useful for other kinds of photography as well, not just wedding or engagement photography.

(via Digital Journal of Photography)

  • Kbledsoephoto

    Nice lexar plug there lol.

  • Studio

     Seems like old Joe doesn’t really have much to say about psychology  – other than how to get sponsorship.

  • Darwin

     “Old Joe” is extremely good at photography. His pictures say everything about his ability to read peoples emotions and reactions. I feel bad for you that you can’t see that and are so insecure with your own photography that you can’t even squeeze one positive comment out of your big head.

  • Andrew MacDonald

    Well said! 

  • Dh16

    i’m gonna go right out and buy a whole new set of Lexar cards.  Thank goodness he told me about them!

  • Dh16

    it’s a good thing none of his “celebrity clientele” have any idea how to act in front of the camera.

  • Dh16

    oh yeah, and he needs more makeup in this video.

  • Melissa Ford

    Yeah, the plug for Lexar was annoying, and yeah the fact that his clients are generally celebrities, but the thought remains true.  His advice to ask a question to invoke the couples emotion about their day is universal.  Nice bit of advice in a short clip. Thanks!

  • Eyenvent

    Not everybody can invoke emotion so easily in people, as they themselves cannot or do not like to be photographed in “akward” positions.

  • n1ck0las

    Were you expecting a breakdown of bride and groom relationships with their parents as well as dream interpretations? He gave some great information.