Photographer Nearly Becomes Lioness Food with Camera in Hand

Think it’s difficult to muster up enough courage for street photography? At least strangers don’t eat you! This wildlife photographer got quite a scare while shooting a pride of lions when a lioness decides to investigate him. Luckily, he escapes without a scratch and now has a great story to tell his buddies.

Can anyone identify the camera and lens he’s clutching in his hand?

  • Greco

    Wow, that was close!, hehe

    My guess is a Nikon D3x with a 700mm 1.4 lens

  • Flickr Man

    “Flim Vehicle Do Not Follow” – Classic. He reacted perfectly that the lioness didnt feel he was threat to her.

  • Mokummer

    This is like 10 years old

  • Thomas Hebert

    ..that *grin* after she decides to walk on is perfect.

  • CGB

    700mm f/1.4? Yeah, and it costs $58,000 USD

  • CGB

    The camera/lens is being used to hide the growing dark spot on his pants.

  • Basilgg

    lol, i want a 700mm 1.4, too bad they don’t (and won’t) exist.