Find Photographs that Look Similar To Yours with BYO Image Search

Did you know that Idée Inc., the company behind reverse-image search engine TinEye, also has a web app called BYO Image Search Lab that can take any photo you provide it and find photographs that look similar to it? It’s a neat way to be inspired by how other photographers approached shooting similar scenes.

  • Jordan

    i guess if nothing shows up it means your pretty creative :P

  • Chung Dha Lam

    lol but seem it just looks for simular colored pictures instead of really what looks the same.

  • Chris

    Yeah, they need to figure this out a bit more. It’s going on colors only. I put in a photo I took of someone skateboarding and right behind them was grass and my search returned football players.
    Then I went and tried a completely different skateboarding photo I took that had some washed out colors, I got pictures of people in the snow.

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