Shooting Leo the Lion for the MGM Logo

You know that roaring lion in the logo shown before MGM movies? That’s Leo the Lion, and the behind-the-scenes photograph shown above provides an interesting glimpse into how they shot him. He must have been a pretty well-trained lion to have the discipline to stand on boxes, face a camera, roar into a microphone, and not attack the crew.

Here’s the image version of the logo:

And finally, here’s the famous film version of the logo:

  • Bas ter Beek

    I like the fact that MGM didn’t replace it’s logo for a new lion. Nothing like Leo ;)

  • Paul

    The only thing I can contribute to this is the useless fact that Leo was born in Dublin Zoo in Ireland.

  • morguefile

    I still prefer the one with Tom (from tom and jerry)

  • Steffen

    to me, the lion in the photo seems to have too much hair to be Leo, he looks more like one of the former lions perhaps Jackie.

  • Clif Watson

    nope… best yet. A REAL behind the scene
    Bob and Doug McKenzie “Jeez, now that Hosers growling” classic

  • Will

    I was watching Killer Klowns from Outer Space yesterday and it occurred to me for the first time, how did they go about making the MGM title. What are the odds I’d stumble across the answer the very next day…

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  • Akeelawillis

    no actually most people think tht every single time they see a cartoon and tht happens its the same lion but theres actually 5 differnt lions and baster beek to bad they even say in articles tht tanner the lion was better trained and more polite then leo was i love the way im so smart im a 7th grader and i have a 4.9 gpa average uhm not to brag or anything :D oh and thts a smiley face duh!

  • Akeelawillis

    oh nvm i was wrong for the first time in my life i actually have a 5.2 gpa ahah lol and im not a geek/dork tht doesnt have fun and just study all day actually i go to all of my dancs and was crowned golden west’s jr high queen and im one of the most popular gurls in skewl wow i take bak what i said i do lyk to brag but not to my friends cuz they love me and plus $200.00 is pocket money to me hek $500.00 is pocket money to me especially since my dad is the owner of 10 oil companies and owns 2 malls and has 6 theaters and dnt even forget the 8 ihops he owns we gotta eat for free somewhere ahaha lol :D

  • I smell a rat

    BS! The lion on the picture has a much bigger mane.

  • LeoSmithOnline