Further Research into Using Chickens as Steadicams

Wow. People are taking chicken head camera stabilization pretty seriously after the fact that chickens have image stabilized heads went viral recently. Research is ongoing, and people are reporting their interesting experimental findings on YouTube.

Thanks for the tip Jeremiah!

  • Tina – Waveney Books


  • George Lessard

    Much easier to do what I’ve done many a time for a cheap steady-cam… build yourself a marionette / puppet rig of a size matched to your camera size/weight (basically two crosses with string or bungee type cords of equal lengths attached from the each end of the top cross to the corresponding ends of the bottom cross) and a way you go… Cheap, easy to build and gives you lots of control… ans saves the poor chicken from the stress..

  • Paul

    We tried it with the Canon 1D Mark IV and the 70-200 f/2.8 lens. Interesting results. Once the chicken’s head gets pinned to the floor the image is pretty darn stable. And there’s the added bonus, assuming you like chicken, of having lots to eat while you’re post-processing the video.

  • New Camera

    Keep going

  • Nat

    Poor chicken.

  • Michael

    Isn’t there a law against chicken abuse?

  • Photosophy


    This dude needs a good old fashioned alien abduction with rigorous anal probing to develop some poultry empathy.